First Post, and a Lunch

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog!  The title, Two Eat For Ten, reflects my goal to spend $10 a day maximum on food for two people.  That’s $70 a week, which seems pretty reasonable – even if Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 says she spends $150 a week on food for her family of TEN. At least, she did back in the rerun I was watching from a few years ago.  My ultimate goal for food spending is $5 a day for two… but that’s going to take some serious effort.  In the meantime, $10 per day for two is my goal!

One way I help to meet this goal is by making lunches for myself and Justin every day.  Since we both eat gluten-free, this is also sort of a necessity – it’s not that easy to grab a gluten-free meal on the go, so packing lunches is both economical and practical.  Because I cook so much for my family, I am a big fan of blogs that show what people eat, day in and day out.  My favorite is Wendolonia.  Wendy Copley makes bento lunches for her two sons (a preschooler and elementary-age kid) every day, and every Friday she posts photos of their lunches for the week!  They are so cute, healthy, and, I imagine, economical.  Since I don’t have kids, I use my bento skills to make lunches for Justin!  My own lunches are far less interesting… basically the same stuff but tossed haphazardly into any container I have handy.  So far, I haven’t managed to make bentos for him that are big enough to keep him going for the entire day, so I usually have an extra bag or container in addition to his main bento.  I have my eye on an awesome, huge bento – the PlanetBox!

Here is a lunch from last week:

As you can see, his lunch includes a bento (stainless steel, from LunchBots), an extra snack in a wax paper bag, and a water bottle (BPA free plastic, but still… plastic!).

Inside the bento on the left side, you can see I broke one of the cardinal budgeting rules right off the bat:  Don’t buy processed foods!  It’s a conclusion I’ve been avoiding for, well, years – but buying pre-made snacks is so much more expensive than making them yourself, and if the pre-made snack is gluten free, then it’s probably twice as expensive.  However, I still buy granola bars and such things for the convenience.  It’s so nice to just toss a granola bar right into a lunch.  Someday, though, I hope to make all of our food myself.  On the right side we have chicken and chickpeas (“What am I supposed to do with these chickpeas?” asked Justin – “Eat them?” I replied), and inside the wax paper is a small chunk of cheese.

Under the bar, we have apple, pear, and carrot slices.  Looks healthy, eh?

Last but not least, the contents of the bag… three chocolate-banana muffins!  I have finally managed to get the texture of gluten-free muffins right – the secret is ground flaxseed to hold everything together.  I didn’t manage to get the taste right, though… these were pretty bland.  How did that happen with two bananas and a whole bunch of cocoa powder thrown in…?

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