It’s not Whole Paycheck after all!

Yesterday I went to Whole foods to check out their one-day sale on organic whole chickens.  The sale price was $1.99/lb, which is a dollar off.  Their non-organic “natural” chickens are $1.49/lb, so that sale price for organic chickens is pretty good.  There was a limit of ten chickens per person, so I bought… one.  But it was a big one!

I also needed dishwashing detergent, so I spent a while in the cleaning aisle looking at the prices and ingredients.  I spotted one that was on clearance for $2.47, down from $4.99.  It also had a short list of ingredients, most of which I would feel comfortable eating. Even the ones I wasn’t exactly sure about didn’t sound too intimidating – actually, this dishwashing detergent has more normal ingredients than my shampoo!

Last, I picked out two boxes of almondmilk.  These were a good deal because I could use three coupons on two items!  Whole Foods prints a coupon booklet every two months, and sometimes the coupons make for really good deals.  In the Jan/Feb “Whole Deal,” there is a coupon for $1 off of two boxes of Almond Breeze.  I was in a different grocery store earlier this month and picked up two $.55 off one Almond Breeze coupons.  These coupons are “manufacturer’s coupons” which means the producer, i.e. Almond Breeze, not the grocery store, pays for the discount.  That’s why you can use a “store coupon” (from Whole Deal, or a Safeway coupon, or whatever) and stack it with a “manufacturer coupon” (i.e., a coupon from a specific company).  This works out great, especially if the items you want are already on sale, which these almondmilks weren’t 😦  Despite that, they ended up being $1.64 each rather than $2.69 each.

The total price for my Whole Foods trip was $13.65.  I’m already over my daily limit!  But a whole chicken will stretch to several meals, and two almondmilks will last a few days, so overall I think I will still make my $70 goal this week.

On the way home, I also swung by Sprouts to snag some of their good organic deals.  For $2.17, I got a bag of carrots, two apples (organic), a pear (organic), and a medium-sized zucchini.  It just goes to show that if people were to really eat mostly fruits and vegetables, and some beans/rice/lentils and a little meat, it would certainly be possible to eat for $5 a day for two.

The point, of course, is to take control of your shopping trips.  Whole Foods IS really expensive, but it depends on what you buy.  If you buy things that are on sale, or that would become a good deal with a coupon, then Whole Foods doesn’t have to be Whole Paycheck.

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