$10 a day – Finally some success! Also, millet.

I finally succeeded in spending $10 or less at the grocery store.  Monday’s trip was such a disaster that I may never show you that receipt.  I can tell you my downfalls, though:  Cheese, meat, and gluten-free hot dog buns (even though they were on sale for $3).  Ugh.

Today was a different story – probably because I already had the cheese!  Ha.  Anyway, I got some basic things at Sunflower, a great bag of Udi’s GF granola that was on clearance for $2, and I used a coupon on a bag of $1.99 puffed millet, making it $.99.  The photo doesn’t show it, but the total was $9.93.

Woo hoo! Finally made it!

So… what is one to do with a huge bag of puffed millet?  My original idea was to use it in some kind of homemade granola bar.  I have never succeeded in making a homemade granola bar that actually has the taste and texture of a store-bought one.  They always taste good, but they fall apart immediately and revert back to granola.  BUT I never had millet before, so I as I prepared to Try An Actual Recipe Rather Than Making It Up And Then Getting Mad, I was pretty sure puffed millet was going to fix all my problems.  (Spoiler:  It didn’t fix anything!  Gah!)

However, according to the package millet is a complete protein.  “So it’s like eating a hamburger!” said Justin.  Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a nice addition to the gluten-free grain family.

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