Pizza Dippers!

Pizza dippers are the easiest snack in the world – place corn (or flour) tortillas on a baking sheet, sprinkle with the shredded cheese of your choice, and cook in a 350* oven until you see the cheese start to bubble.  Take out of the oven, fold each tortilla in half, and voila!  A dipper!  They turn into pizza dippers when you add a small bowl of pizza sauce on the side.

Pizza dippers certainly go well with a frugal lifestyle.  A bag of 24 Mission tortillas costs $2.19 (sometimes cheaper), making each one about ten cents.  This snack is pretty unhealthy though – corn tortillas don’t have much going for them, and cheese is high in fat and sodium. And from the looks of this orange cheese, it has some serious food dyes added to it.  And the pizza sauce… homemade sauce would be healthy, but this sauce is… Ragu!

They aren’t the healthiest, but they are quick, cheap and delicious!  Oh pizza dippers, how I love thee!


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