Most boring post ever, part 2!

I made a batch of garbanzo beans the other day, and I finally took some pictures of the process.  Preparing dry beans takes two days; first, you have to sort the dry beans and then put them to soak overnight.  The next day you simmer them until tender.  You only have to simmer garbanzos for about an hour, but other beans, like black beans and pinto, take 3-4 hours.  It isn’t hard at all, but it is time consuming – another reason why busy people have a hard time sticking to a budget.  Now, though, I have about a quart of garbanzos in my fridge, and another two pints, frozen in Ball jars, in the freezer!  In the end it will save me time and money.  Since I bought these particular garbanzos at Sunflower on sale for $.99/lb, they will probably save me quite a bit of money in the long run.  Photos forthcoming!

Today, though, you get to read about another exciting adventure in grocery shopping!  I went to Whole Foods and found that it’s pretty easy for me to spend $13-14 in one go, but pretty difficult to pare it down to $10.  Why is that extra $3 so tricky?  It must be like trying to loose that last 3 pounds, or run that extra 3 miles a week.  Or to run 3 miles a week, period!

I love Whole Foods.  It is often labeled as snooty, elitist, and above all, expensive, but I love it anyway.  It’s beautiful, vibrant, and just feels healthy.  Sometimes I succumb to feelings of frustration there, though – like when I see a teeny tiny artisan salami that sells for $15.  Today, though, I admired the salami and moved on.  You don’t need salami to live (I’m pretty sure), but you do need things like bananas.

For $13.72, I got:

  • A dozen eggs:  $2.79
  • 1/3 lb sliced Jarlsberg, for omelettes:  $2.38
  • 1/4 lb bulk coconut flakes:  $.88
  • 1/3 lb bulk honey roasted peanuts:  $.81
  • 1/2 lb bulk flaxseeds:  $.88
  • 1/3 lb bulk almond meal ($5.99/lb):  $1.92
  • Bag of corn chips:  $1.99
  • Snack size bag of Sun Drops (m&ms!):  $.99
  • Three bananas:  $.66

I’m pretty satisfied with this, especially the bulk purchases.  The things that got me off track were, as always, treats – the Sun Drops (Justin spied them and said, “Hey honey, can I eat those off-brand m&ms?”), the honey peanuts, the corn chips.  Separately they are pretty cheap, but all together… they turn into my $3 nemesis!  Check out the prices for flaxseed and coconut… both super healthy, and both SUPER cheap.  I love that combination!

With the bulk items, I’m going to make a new type of cookie I learned about yesterday.  You just mash two bananas, add 2/3 cup oats (GF for me), a cup of grated carrot, 4tbsp butter, and some cinnamon.  Bake at 350 for ten minutes.  They’re actually pretty good, considering there’s no added sugar, flour, OR the half stick of butter we’re used to in cookie recipes.  I’m planning to add some ground flaxseeds, coconut, and almond meal.  A high protein, low-glycemic dessert or breakfast.

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