Shopping by Bicycle: Q & A

If it was good enough for people in 1887, it's good enough for me!

Hi, self!  I thought we’d do a little Q & A for any readers who are curious about doing grocery shopping by bike.

We have readers?

Of course we have readers!  A couple of ’em, anyway!  Now, you ask the questions.

Me?  Uh, ok.  So, is it true that you do your grocery shopping by bike rather than by car?

Yep, I don’t own a car so I get everywhere by bike, or on foot.  Boulder has a fantastic bike path system, and lots of bike lanes on the roads.

Why don’t you own a car?

Because it’s too expensive and I wouldn’t use it enough to justify paying for it.  In the winter, I walk or use RTD.

Isn’t it annoying to have to carry all your groceries on your bike?

Sometimes…  but since I shop every day, I don’t have to carry too much at one time.  It’s kind of helpful, too, because I know I can’t really impulse-buy because I won’t be able to carry anything extra.  Plus, it’s great exercise!

Do you ever get sick of shopping every day?

Not even a little bit.  I LOVE grocery shopping.  It’s one of the highlights of my day.

That’s weird.

Is not!

Why aren’t you married yet?

Well, there are lots of- hey, that’s not relevant!

How come you got a degree in English and then another one in religion and now you can’t find a decent job?

Gah, shut up!


Just become a sugar beet farmer!

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