“Budget meals” according to Delicious Living

I was just at the Vitamin Cottage during my lunch break, and I had two things on my mind.  The first was how much I adore the Vitamin Cottage.  I seriously love it there.  Something I really appreciate is their “dollar bag” shelf in the produce section – today I got four pounds of organic Roma tomatoes for $2!  My second thought as I wandered around the store in a Vitamin Cottage-induced euphoria was:  I better stop coming here so much or they’re going to think I’m really weird!

On my way out I grabbed a copy of Delicious Living, which is a free magazine published by New Hope Natural Media.  I have tried to get a job writing for New Hope a bunch of times, but so far, no dice.  I really like their magazine, and I especially like that it’s free!  One of the articles in the March issue is titled “Less Money, Healthy Dinners.”  Sounds great, right?  Except each of the budget dinners listed cost – get ready – $4 or $5 per serving.  Per serving!  If I spent $5 per serving for dinner ever night, our weekly DINNER cost would be $70, which is what I’m trying to spend on ALL meals for the entire week.  Imagine you’re a family of four, you’d be spending $20 per dinner on a “budget meal.”  How did they come up with such expensive meals?  Most of them include fish or chicken – and I’m guessing organic fish and chicken, which can be pretty pricey.  Even the lentil stew was $4/serving though, so I’m still trying to figure out how that works.  If they mean $4 per meal, well, that’s different – but I’m pretty sure they don’t, what with all the per serving wording going on.

I’m sorry, Delicious Living, but $5 per serving is not a budget meal.  It disappoints me to see an article about saving money be so off the mark… and in my beloved free Delicious Living, too!  O, the irony!  “Forget the myths that healthy eating costs too much and takes too long,” the article says.  “If you’re willing to get into the kitchen, you can make quick, inexpensive, nutritious meals every night of the week.”  Yes – you can!  But no, not the kind of “inexpensive” meals you’re talking about.

Gah.  It just makes me wonder when I will have enough disposable income that $5 per person per meal will not seem outrageous.  With my frugal Yankee background, though, I think I may always be pinching pennies no matter what my income is!


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