Super Budgeting Results: Week 1

So, how did my Super Budgeting Week go, you ask?


I’m so cheesed, because I was feeling very virtuous all week as I eschewed frivolous purchases.  Apparently I didn’t eschew them so much as chew them (har har), since my total for six days is $93.81. 

There is one silver lining to this situation, which is I definitely did not use up everything I bought for the week.  Things I have left:

  • Pinto beans ($1.92):  All of them, because it go too hot to cook them (apparently March forgot that it’s supposed to be drizzly and miserable). 
  • Awesome unsweetened ketchup ($3): It goes with the beans to make savory bbq beans. 
  • Brown sugar ($1.30):  Barely used any of this.
  • Rice ($1.35):  Still have 3/4 of this left too.
  • Cabbage ($0.62):  Didn’t use any of this because I already had almost a full head of cabbage in the fridge.  Guess I didn’t assess the contents of my stockpile before shopping! 
  • Lentils ($0.50):  Used about half
  • Waffles ($2?):  About a box left
  • 3 eggs ($0.66)
  • Almond milk ($1):  About 2/3 a box left
  • Corn tortillas ($0.30):  1/3 package?

And bought yesterday:

  • Bulk peanut butter ($3)
  • Buckwheat flour ($1)
  • Almond meal ($2)
  • Bag of carrots ($1.29)

Some of these totals are estimated, but I have about $18.59 in uneaten food at home, which makes the new 6-day total 75.22.  Averaged over six days, that’s a total of $12.53. Rats!  Still $2.53 per day above my goal, not even counting things I buy today, if I get anything.  I haven’t gone back and thoroughly accounted for all the food I still have – the list above only includes things I can list off the top of my head.  I’ve got some bananas, half a red pepper, some ginger root… stuff like that. So maybe my daily total is slightly lower than $12.53, but it’s probably not that much lower.

Happy, or sad?  Both?  Which should I be?

2 Comments on “Super Budgeting Results: Week 1”

  1. Paige says:

    You should be happy! Just because you didn’t make your goal, doesn’t mean you’ve failed! I bet you’ve learned things and are better off for trying. Better luck next week!

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