Frugal and Organic, Week Two!

When I was at Sprouts on Sunday, I picked up two more boxes of  almond milk.  While I was waffling between Original and Unsweetened, I noticed a very harassed-looking man picking up every non-dairy beverage container and looking at the nutrition facts.

“I didn’t know some of these had so much sugar!” he told me.  “This oat milk has 19 grams of sugar per serving!”

“Wow, that’s a lot,” I agreed.  I checked the almond milk.  7 grams.

“Well, anything’s better than dairy, right?” he said.

“Absolutely!” I replied, trying to hide my huge container of grated cheese under some lettuce.

I’ve gone back and forth on dairy, but I always conclude that my life is much better – more delicious, that is – with cheese in it.  Justin and I have pretty much eliminated “regular” milk (on his prompting!), but I was never one to drink a lot of milk anyway.  Now that I’m gluten-free I’ve stopped eating four bowls of cereal and milk per day.  I’m not sure what to make of the added sugar of non-dairy milks, though – Horizon organic whole milk has 12g of sugar per cup, too, but it’s naturally occuring rather than added.  There is unsweetened almond milk, but it wins the award for Most Bland Drink Ever.

Anyway!  I had a good run at Sprouts on Sunday, only spending $35!  For that I got:


  • 2 quarts almond milk:  $4 (used a coupon, heck yeah!)
  • 2 Wallaby organic yogurt @ .89 each:  $1.78
  • Grated romano cheese @ $5.99/lb:  $2.94


  • Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea ($1 coupon):  $1.46
  • 2 boxes Nature’s Path granola bars ($1 coupon):  $4.58
  • Multigrain GF pasta:  $2


  • Organic ground beef @ $4.99/lb:  $4.04


  • *One pineapple:  $1.50
  • *Head of garlic:  $0.50
  • *Green pepper:  $0.59
  • *(Adorable) Italian eggplant:  $1
  • 4 organic apples @ $0.99/lb:  $1.29
  • Bag organic carrots, 1lb:  $1
  • Organic parsley bunch:  $1.29
  • Organic red-leaf lettuce:  $1
  • *Red bell pepper:  $0.33

*This produce is not organic, but I wish it was 😦  Why are organic peppers so pricey, and regular ones so cheap?  I have a feeling I’m going to find out it’s because the conventional ones are loaded with pesticides making them cheap to grow, and the organic ones aren’t…

Sprouts total:  $34.30

That leaves me $35 left to spend for the week, so $5 a day.  Yesterday I stopped at King Soopers and picked up a Greek yogurt (for dip!), a bag of Terra chips (a treat – with coupon!), and a lemon for just under $5.  The wind knocked our power out last night around dinnertime, so we got takeout Mexican!  Yum!  That was $14, but we paid for it with Justin’s tutoring cash so it “doesn’t count.”  I’ll add it to the total at the end, just so see what we really spent on food for the week.

Weekly grocery total so far:  about $40

Dinners so far:

Sunday:  Pasta with meat sauce, zucchini and cheese

Monday:  Takeout tacos

Tuesday:  Cheese and avocado omelettes, zucchini and a green salad

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