Anniversary shopping at Whole Foods

When I first started this blog, I wrote a little bit about frugal shopping at Whole Foods.  Almost everyone I know agrees on two things:  One, they love Whole Foods, and two, they can’t afford to shop there.  The thing is, Whole Foods is actually very affordable as long as you aren’t planning on doing your entire weekly shopping trip there.  If I had to guess, I would estimate that at least 50% of the items I buy regularly can be found at Whole Foods for the same price (or even cheaper) than at “regular” grocery stores.  Bulk foods, yogurt, milk and eggs, and bread are just a few categories that are perfectly reasonably priced at Whole Foods. 

Yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods was a bit of an abberation, however, because Justin and I chose yesterday to celebrate our 7th anniversary!  The real date is January 18, but it’s been a hectic few months so we only got to it yesterday.  I couldn’t think of anything to get Justin as a present, especially since we don’t really exchange gifts very much, so I picked two things I know he loves:  Olives and deli meat. 

Olives and… deli meat?  That’s a present? 

Well, it is for a guy who loves olives and deli meat!  I have stayed away from deli meat for quite a while now because I’m not a fan of the high sodium and high price of processed meat.  Also, the fact that lots of deli meat is just minced up meat pressed back into meat-log form, well – you gotta admit that’s weird.  Too bad I love salami so much!  Anyway, this is all to say that we haven’t been eating a lot of Whole Foods BBQ chicken breast.  1/3 of a pound cost me $3.72.  The olives came from the olive bar, and they were amazing.  They were completely worth the $2.40.  You can’t really beat $6.42 for a very appreciated anniversary gift.

I also picked up some budget-friendly items like corn chips ($0.50 with in-store coupon), bananas, organic zucchini for $1.99/lb, and two yogurts at $0.89 each. 

Tuesday total:  $11.83.  Total without gift:  $5.41

Weekly total – groceries only:  $44.61

Weekly total – groceries + eating out + gift:  $65.03

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