Frugal Fatigue Caused by “Extreme Budgeting”

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having a great week. It’s finally Friday – woo hoo!  I wasn’t fully appreciating weekends until I started working 40 hours a week.

Budgeting has been going pretty well this week.  I read an interesting article about “frugal fatigue,” which apparently is a thing!  Frugal fatigue involves the realization that budgeting/frugality is a never-ending process that involves constant effort, and the feelings of discouragement and tiredness that follow.  Whew.  I feel fatigued just thinking about it!  Seriously though, budgeting for one week is a fun challenge, but thinking ahead to budgeting every week for as far as the eye can see (mixed metaphors aside) – it can feel very stressful.  I start to feel funny when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think about is what I’m going to cook for dinner, and how much it’s going to cost.  I wonder if my brain will eventually chill out once I have some budgeting techniques down.  The article points out that in the end it’s all a matter of attitude – if you think of budgeting as a necessary but stressful endeavor, it’s going to be really hard to keep going, but if you see it as a fun and do-able challenge, you have a better chance of succeeding.  It’s a great article – if you have time, I really suggest you take a look.

One of my top problems with frugal fatigue is buying processed foods.  When you’re tired of budgeting and cooking from scratch, those granola bars and crackers look pretty appetizing.

Hence my trip to the Vitamin Cottage on Thursday – note that the Vitamin Cottage sells ONLY organic produce!

“Dollar bag” of shiitake mushrooms:  $1

Apples (2):  $1.19 (How the heck are TWO apples $1.19?  Geez!)

Ginger root @ $5.29/lb:  $0.53

Two boxes of GF waffles (DUN DUN DUN):  $4

Plain yogurt:  $0.59 (This yogurt is for dip… I would buy a big container but I’m not 100% sold on yogurt dip yet)

Half and half:  $1.49

Dozen eggs:  $2.45

Thursday total:  $12.03

Wednesday receipt is around here somewhere – coming soon!

Weekly total – groceries only:  $56.64  (Probably more like $60-something, with Wednesday.  Don’t think I’m going to make $70 this week either 😦

Weekly total – groceries + eating out + gift:  $77.06


To be honest, I have no idea how to calculate what I’ve spent this week when you add in all the stuff I used from last week… hmm! I’ll have to think about that one, and hope to avoid a relapse of frugal fatigue! Or would that be basic math fatigue?  🙂

Dinner on Thursday:  Big salad with lots of veggies, hard boiled eggs and bacon.  Dinner, part deux:  Waffles!

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