Veggie and hummus bento

Hello, Spring!  Hello cool, misty mornings and dark, drizzly nights.  Hello puddles and crocuses and – 80 degrees and sun?  Hello… ten percent humidity?  Hey Boulder, get with the program!

Mud season, ubiquitous in early Maine springs, is unheard of in Colorado.  There’s just not enough moisture here for a good, old-fashioned mud season.  It was very spring-ish today in Boulder, though – partly cloudy, slightly breezy, and cool, with a hint of moisture in the air.  Boulder has so few cloudy days, let alone wet days, that we all savor them when they come along.

It may sound funny to people in wetter climates, because it is more common for people feel depressed when there isn’t enough sun.  Here, though, we all feel so dry and sunned-out that we relish the wet days.  I read an NPR article last year about summer seasonal affective disorder, which is exactly like it’s winter counterpart but happens in the summer months.  My first thought?  Eureka!  I’m not a party-pooping outcast after all – I have A Thing!  My mother and I both suffer from Summer S.A.D. – we both hate scorching sun, cloudless skies, roasting by a pool, or really anything to do with days hotter than 70 degrees.  We greet September with joy, and by October we are positively giddy.  It’s COLD!  And is that a dark cloud on the horizon? Oh goody, I can wear socks again!  Hallelujah!

I can only remember ONE time when the lack of sun actually got to me.  One May in Maine, when I had just arrived home from college for the summer, it was gray and rainy for twenty-eight days straight.  Aside from that extraordinarily rainy month, I have never once complained about a wet day.

Anyway, all that is to say that it was cloudy today, and it was wonderful.  Here’s a picture from a bike foray to the library a few days ago – also a slightly cloudy day!

I haven’t really “made friends” with the mountains, even after five years.  They still kind of LOOM, you know?  Like big rocky, looming things.  As Justin says, “Mountains aren’t my natural habitat.  I’m more of a forest and lakes type person.”  Me too, honey, me too.  But I do like the mountains when I catch glimpses of them looking so pretty.

And here’s Justin’s lunch from Wednesday!  It includes a small tub of hummus, celery sticks, cucumber rounds, apple/peanut butter sandwiches, and a mix of peanuts and “m&m’s” (actually Sun Drops, the natural equivalent without any strange food dyes).  Let’s pretend the plastic bag of corn chips isn’t there (the plastic, not the chips).  I’m on the hunt for a lightweight, non-plastic alternative.  The actual lunchbox in this photo is made of corn!  How, I have no idea.  Is it safer than plastic?  Again, no idea… probably somewhat safer, at least.

I’m a big fan of peanut butter for its protein, healthy fats and oils, and antioxidant power.  And, of course, its deliciousness!  If I don’t eat some protein regularly throughout the day, I start to feel really yucky, so peanut butter is a lifesaver for me.  Justin invented these apple and peanut butter sandwiches, and reports that they retain their sandwichy integrity even after a few hours in a lunchbox.


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