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Eating frugally is hard.  Most people I talk to admit that, after rent or a mortgage, food is their next biggest bill.  This is not surprising, but what is surprising is just how big that food bill can be.  I am part of a family of two, and our food bill can easily be $100 or $150 a week.  A WEEK!  I feel weak in the knees just admitting that.

Boulder is a very expensive, very organic, very local-focused community.  It’s wonderful for anyone who has a lot of money to spend on organic and local foods.  I, however, don’t have that luxury, but I still want to eat what is healthy for my body.  I am gluten intolerant as well, so any GF treats I might want, like cookies or cinnamon-raisin bread (YUM!), are going to be twice as expensive as “conventional” foods.

This blog is my attempt to capture my frugal eating journey.  It is reminiscent of other bloggers’ attempts to do a “Food Stamp Chellenge,” in which they spend only what they would get if they were living on food stamps – about $4 a day per person.  That amount is pitifully small, especially in Boulder, and even more especially if you a) have a full time job, b) if you have kids, and c) if you have BOTH!

In the spirit of those challenges, I decided to spend $10 a day on the food for two people – myself and my boyfriend, Justin.  We both eat gluten free, which adds an extra dimension to an already difficult challenge.

I don’t have a background in nutrition, but I am determined to learn how to feed my body so I can live the healthiest life possible.  I am also determined to do that for only $10 a day for both me and Justin.  I will choose organic foods whenever possible, or whenever the non-organic food is on the “dirty dozen” list – the most heavily contaminated non-organic produce list.

Join me as I try to pare down my grocery bill!  I would love to hear any tips or tricks that you use for healthy and frugal living.

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2 Comments on “About the blog”

  1. It really is a terrific challenge. We live north of the Arctic Circle. We mail our food to ourselves once a year. We try and make everything we can from scratch. Our local store takes gold bars in exchange for food. Ha ha. A friend just bought a 4 ounce bottle of a cheap brand of vanilla extract at the store today for $30! We try to eat well and cost effectively. We shop at Costco, which we think has superior products, and other places we know in Anchorage. Our annual budget includes shipping our food through the post office or hand-carrying it on the airlines in August. We are not on a food stamp budget, but we do really watch our spending. If you get a chance, stop by our blog and see what we are up to – donachyblog.wordpress.com. Maybe it will give some ideas, too.

    • Angela Nilles says:

      Hi Barbra and Jack! Your lives sound fascinating and I will go check out your blog right now! I can’t imagine mailing food to myself once a year, and the planning that goes into that. I’m in awe 🙂 See you around the blog world!

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