About me

My name is Angela Nilles, and I am a local Boulder writer, blogger and CU alumna. I got my Master’s degree in religious studies from CU in May of 2011, and as it turns out, it’s really hard to get a job with a degree in religion!   Nobody else seems surprised by that, somehow…

I started living a frugal lifestyle out of necessity, and now I can’t imagine living any other way.  Living in Boulder makes it difficult to live on a small budget, however – with so much emphasis on eating local and organic, there’s a lot of pressure to spend hundreds of dollars every week on food.  I decided to live healthily and frugally, and write about my journey so others can learn from my experience.

Besides frugal living, I am interested in nutrition, gardening, writing, and my newest project… giving up plastic, ala Beth Terry and the plastic free life.

Welcome to my blog!

Also, find me on Facebook.

You can read about how Justin and I found the Colorado Daily rock… THREE TIMES!

Here… Justin finds the rock, summer of 2010.

And here… I find the rock, yay!  November 2010.

And here!  Summer of 2011, Justin finds the rock again and the Daily changes its policy to say “only one find per year!”  🙂


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