Eating Frugally: Tips and Tricks

As I learn more and get comments from readers, I will update this page with tips and tricks for eating frugally.

1.  Don’t buy processed foods!   Any food that is prepared in any way will cost more.  For example, buy whole sweet potatoes rather than bagged sweet potato fries, whole apples rather than apple sauce or apple juice, and make your own cookies rather than buying packaged Oreos.

2.  Use the bulk section of the grocery store!  Bulk beans, nuts, seeds, and even sugar and flour are inexpensive when you buy them from the bulk section.

3.  Look for what’s really nutritious.  Organic cabbage, for example, is really cheap.  It’s also full of nutrients, making your money go farther.  Sure, cabbage might not be your favorite food in the world – but it will do more for your health (and your wallet) than fancy-schmancy granola that is packed with sugar.


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