Links: Coupons and frugal living

There are a LOT of websites out there that deal with frugal living.  Times are tough, and people are responding.  It’s inspiring to see bloggers and their fans work together to save money and live well.

I frequent many blogs, some of them about cooking and others about couponing.  Some of my favorites are:


The Greenbacks Gal, a local blogger who writes about how to shop for organic foods, frugally.  She also provides coupon “match-ups” so you can match the grocery store sales to coupons and save a bundle!

Bargain Blessings is another great resource, except she focuses on all types of food, not just organic.  She also posts coupon match-ups and other great deals!

Mambo Sprouts, natural and organic printable coupons.

Frugal Eating

The Nourishing Gourmet.  Nourishing, bang-for-the-buck cooking ideas, frugal meal ideas and more!  This blog is what my blog wants to be when it grows up.

Wendolonia by Wendy Copley.  Bay area mom Wendy Copley writes about bentos and crafts, and every Friday she posts her kids’ bento lunches for the week!

Budget Bytes is an amazing resource.  Meals/recipes are described in detail and then broken down by price for each ingredient.  The photos are beautiful, too!

Rebecca’s Pocket, aka Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget, where Rebecca Blood chronicles her food-stamp challenge – eating ONLY organic foods!  It’s not easy and it’s very time consuming, but she does it.

Gluten-Free Information provides information about the gluten-free diet, a “safe” food list and an “unsafe” food list, and also hosts a very active GF forum.

Great blogs by great people

Curiositys, by my friend Katherine!

Sufficient Champagne, by my friend Elizabeth!


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