Frugal and Organic Week Two Tally

A cheap and healthy weekend lunch: Tuna and celery sticks, and a salad with chickpeas, leftover pasta and veggies

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my daily totals this week.  To be honest, I’m finding it difficult to keep track of how much everything costs and how much of it I use. Rather than trying to calculate the value of leftover food from the week before, I might just say to heck with it and present the weekly total as is.  Some weeks will be higher, then, and some lower.  On Saturday’s trip to Sunflower, for example, I bought a lot of weekly staples, so 90% of that $24 really should be in the coming week’s tally.

Anywho, here are the fascinating details:

Sunday, March 25 – Saturday, March 31

Sunday (Sprouts):  $34.30

Supplies for the week, including almond milk, romano cheese, yogurt, tea, two boxes of granola bars, organic ground beef, and tons of produce

Monday (King Soopers):  $5, Eating out at Chipotle, $14

Tuesday (Whole Foods): $5.41, Total including anniversary gift:  $11.83

Wednesday (Whole Foods):  $10.30

Thursday:  Where art thou, Thursday receipt?  According to my bank log I spent $15.22 at Vitamin Cottage, which included a $3 stain remover.  We’ll call it $12.22.

Friday:  Online banking says $15.70 at Whole Foods, though I can’t remember for the life of me what I bought!

Saturday (Sunflower):  $24.23

  • I bought a lot of stuff for the coming week, including corn tortillas, olive oil, trail mix for snacks for the week, garlic, organic chard, bananas, hummus mix, etc.

Adding all that up, we get $107.16, and $20 more if you count the anniversary gift and eating out. I had about $20 worth of food from the week before to use up, and then I bought a lot of stuff last week that I’m going to use for this week and…. ahh!  If we just call it even and say the leftovers used for the week are about the same as the stuff bought last week to use for this week, then the total of $107.16 equals $15.30 per day.  YIKES!  I admit that I wasn’t so serious about budgeting this week, and I bought a lot of packaged foods like granola bars and waffles.  My true but lame reason is it was so hot (80’s) and our sunny apartment was so muggy that I didn’t want to heat the place up cooking, hence packaged foods.  Oh well, it’s only week 2!  Better luck next time.


How Do You Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker? Broke My French Press Again…

You know how certain words start to look strange after you stare at them for a long time?  I just looked at the word “coffee” for a while… COFFEE… COFF-EE, CO-FF-EE… argh.  Weird!

Do any of you use a French press to make coffee?  I use the Bodum 32 oz press, and it’s awesome!  I specifically decided to buy a French press because I was sick of relying on the electrical wiring of an automatic coffee maker, ever since that one traumatic time when Justin and I were really looking forward to our morning coffee and… zap!  Broken.  What I didn’t predict, however, was the frequency with which I would knock my  Bodum to the floor and smash the inner glass lining.  So far I’ve broken THREE inner linings, and since they’re about $14 each to replace, that’s $28 for two replacements plus whatever the original cost.

Out of a combination of thriftiness and laziness, I’ve been brewing coffee for the past few weeks in a big Mason jar.  Does it work?  Well… you tell me.  Does this setup look like a winner to you?

You’re right, it’s a pretty awful method.  This is what happens when I try to pour it:

And this is on a good day!

Despite the mess, I’m determined to prevail without buying a new glass liner. The pioneers couldn’t go out and buy new liners willy-nilly, and neither will I. The only thing I really need to make my low-tech coffee pot work pretty well is a piece of mesh from the hardware store. I can lay that over the top of the jar and screw it on in place of the lid.  That would make it easier to handle, anyway, but it might still be messy.  My REALLY great idea is to produce some screw-on rings for Mason jars that have SPOUTS!  Imagine that the lid is a solid circle with a mesh portion (maybe 1/2 mesh, 1/2 solid), and the screw-on ring is exactly the same as usual except with a small spout – more like an extension of the ring than a spout, really.  You’d have a nearly unbreakable, super cheap, recyclable coffee maker!  Justin says this is a good idea, but wonders if it would appeal to the general public.  I wonder if the frugal/hippie/canning community is large enough for this one to be a winner?  Anyone else have a good method for making coffee sans pot?

I see a trip to Home Depot in my future!  My only regret is that the hot dog man in the parking lot doesn’t offer gluten-free buns 😦