Detoxify With Veggie Wraps from Delicious Living

Detoxification is always a hot topic in food blogs and natural living circles around this time of year.  Spring has sprung!  Time to stop eating savory stews and casseroles, and perk up your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and broths.  Start the exercise regime, and eat some chia seeds if you know what’s good for you!

I was exhausted last night and my “meal plan” consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and, if we were lucky, some organic chard I had in the fridge.  I was perusing this month’s issue of Delicious Living, however, and saw a recipe for detoxifying chard veggie wraps that didn’t look too hard.  I modified them slightly by adding leftover lentils in place of the almond filling, and adding leftover cold chicken and some chopped bacon.  The wraps as written in the recipe are vegan, and I’m sure they would be completely delicious that way.  You could substitute hummus for the soaked almonds, too, which would be pretty awesome!

Here’s a picture of what the wraps looked like unwrapped:

I made a simple dressing for them out of some vinaigrette I already had in the fridge, plus some lemon juice, flaxseed oil, and fresh ginger and garlic for some antioxidant punch.  It was very zesty!  Perfect for spring.

Here is what the wraps looked like wrapped!   They were SO GOOD.  Making wraps is a great way to eat more vegetables, or to include vegetables you know you should eat, but don’t really love, like chard.

Remember the very last post when I was bemoaning the high price of organic peppers?  Behold!  A “dollar bag” of three red peppers, organic, from the Vitamin Cottage.  Now that I think about it, this meal really was a budget meal (especially if you make it vegetarian), unlike the other “budget” meals in the Delicious Living from last month.  You are forgiven, Delicious Living, and thank you for detoxifying me for at least one night!